Animals - danielwee

Photographing Animals

Wildlife (including birds) Photography is probably the more challenging genre of photography as spotting them becomes one of the pre-requisite before even snapping photos of them.  Animals are probably easier to spot than birds but still you cannot ask the animal subjects to pose for you similar to the way you do with human models. 

The camera setting is once again depending on the environmental lighting but generally for non-action shots, I will stick to aperture priority and F8, Continuous Focusing, Burst mode and ISO pushing to higher so that I could get good shutter speed.  I was told by a wildlife photographer that bursting at wildlife is one very good practice as you could achieve good chances of sharpness amongst your shots and also every moment and instance is different with wildlife.  My first experience of true wildlife photoshoot was in 2014 where I went with Julian, a renowned wildlife photographer, to Kruger National Park.  It was a worthwhile trip and definitely I will go again.  Until today, I have yet to process all the photos as I was bursting happy during my 1 week there resulting in too many photos.