My Safari Experience - danielwee

Motherland, everyone's dream

We have travelled to many countries and places around the world for work and holiday but the desire to land on Africa for the Safari experience, I believe, is everyone's dream. It was my dream for many years, but the fear instil from others seem to put a stopper to even think about travelling to the more remote parts of Africa, apart from the more touristy city Cape Town.  In early 2013, somehow somewhere something seemed to call upon me to make a visit to the Motherland and finally my dreams come true in 2014.  What did I look out for in this Motherland? [ Africa is often referred as Motherland as it is being considered as the birthplace of humankind. ]

In Africa, you cannot miss the archetypal tree and the above photo is one of this umbrella-shape thorn tree, the Acacia.  It forms the major part of the African savanna and also as food source for many of its animals as well as building materials for the villages.  Whenever opportunity arises on the road, I would like to snap photos of these trees.

Big Five is also something that we wanted to see in any African Safari : The African Lion, African Leopard, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo and Rhino.  However, for me personally, there are some other animals that I prefer to see such as the Cheetah and the Hippo.  I hope to experience being real close to these animals and their environment as well as viewing the Great Migration. 


My First Experience

I overcame my fear and made my decision in 2013 to look for a suitable journey to Africa and I found Julian. He is a renowned wildlife photographer and has been to different parts of Africa umpteen times and being an acquaintance  as well,  I followed him to Kruger National Park in 2014.  Confidence built up as he advice on what gears to bring, how to bring up heavy hand-carries on board aircraft and all the details he planned for me.  After that trip, I told myself, it will not be my last trip to Africa and his "poison bug" has sunk deep into me.  I am just a hobbyist and wanted the experience more than snapping photos, so my collections are not the "wow" kind but they do give me the satisfaction and joy, a recollection of my memories as well as reading and knowing more about wildlife.

Kruger Galleries

Second Experience, will there be another one ?

I planned for another trip in 2015 for Kenya but I think there was some social, political and medical issues in Africa then and I decided to postpone the trip.  Finally in August 2017, I followed Julian again to Tanzania for the Great Migration.  Even though we missed the peak of the Migration, we did see many other stuffs at Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti plains.  It was quite a bumpy ride but bearable and the experience is extraordinary.