Overseas - danielwee

Landscape Photography

Whenever I am overseas, I will look out for opportunities for landscape photography, in particular during sunrise and sunset. Sometimes, this was not possible as we might be in a group and either we were having breakfast or dinner or even travelling on the road.  But there are always opportunities in the future, that was how I console myself.  

So what do I used for landscape photography: I used wide-angle lens that range from 14-24mm, 24-70mm or even the fish-eye.  I do bring along ND filters, ND4, ND8 and my ND400.  These ND filters allowed me to take photos at long exposure and usually this allow me to shoot at very small aperture, f16 to f22.  As the shutter opens for a long period of time, sometimes 25sec, 30sec or even 2 minutes, the movement of clouds as well as silky images of the lake or sea generally creates better looking photo. Most of the time, I will carry with me a sturdy tripod so I am not too worry about shutter speed, set to aperture priority and set to the optimal aperture f11/f16/f22 whichever applies to the lens. ISO is set to 100/200 but if I am lazy with setting up my tripod, I will shoot with much higher ISO to ensure my shutter is above my comfortable 1/60sec, this varies with different people depending on how steady your hands can be.  My favourite landscape are those punctuated with sun rays, egg-yolk looking sun, dramatic clouds formation.  Sometimes we could adjust white-balance to Daylight but nowadays I seldom do so as I am shooting in RAW, leave White-balance setting as Auto and do the change during post processing.  Also shooting at RAW, I will keep in mind on exposure to keep details of the sky and sacrifice the foreground to be darker as the details in the darker part can be easily recovered. Graduating ND filter can be used and I used the Lee GND filter for my 14-24mm.  Nowadays, I also captured both the sky and foreground separately in the correct exposure and overlay the photos during post processing but of course this requires tripod to ensure the photos are align. Also at times, will try to take shots from a very low angle as well as looking out for symmetry or lines. I am hoping for more night shots of cosmopolitan cities when I have the chance.

Baihualing, Baoshan