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Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography is the favourite among enthusiasts because it is one that can show the beauty of our vast unending environment which can consists of nature, water spaces, hills and mountains, expanse of our skies, both natural and man-made phenomenon or subjects.  The galleries below are some examples of my landscape among my collections which I will continue to archive from my old hard disks.  These include sunset and sunrise, golden hour, magic hour or sometimes term as blue hour, milky way, clouds formation and others.  Any camera should be able to capture good landscape images and you can use it to create lasting images.  Wide lens are usually used for landscape as it capture more of the environment but sometimes we can even use telephoto lens to frame nice landscape phenomenon.   In the past I like to use fish-eye but in recent years, I have stopped as I came to dislike the excessive curves.  Prime lens are generally good lens for landscape as they provide excellent clarity and quality.  I have been using my Nikon 14-24mm2.8 as it is an excellent landscape/architecture lens.

Some key settings for landscape photography include using smaller aperture such as f11 and beyond, low ISO, tripod use to avoid camera shake when the shutter speed goes below 1/60sec, set to bulb mode to manually set the opening and closing of the shutter for example when shooting fireworks, using of Black Card for fireworks, in-camera overlay of multiple shots, at times post processing to overlay 2 photos of fireworks, usage of ND filters to capture cloud movement as well as silky waterfalls and lakes, etc. Sometimes depending on the lighting condition, I need to push up ISO a bit to get better shutter-speed to freeze motion of say subjects such as moving boats, people, etc.  In most typical landscape photos, we want to have sharp images from foreground to background, so a small aperture (bigger f-stop) is generally use to have bigger depth of field. In the past, I did some Infrared photo-shoot, maybe I should take out that camera to use again.