LAOWA Journey - danielwee

Bought 2 Laowa lens this past month (Feb 2019), one Laowa 12mm 2.8 to get ready for more astrophotography later part of March to Sarawak and then Kenya in November.  Went around iLight event in Singapore to get the hang of the lens as this is the first time I am handling a manual focus lens.  Not that difficult as anything beyond a short distance to infinity is sharp anyway.  I was amazed at this lens as it gave me the coverage I need compared to my Nikon 14-24mm and all the buildings are without much distortion as compared to my other wider fisheye lens.  I am happy and ready for astrophotography later on.  Glad to has this lens as part of my collection and I will definitely be using lots of it.

The other lens is the strange looking 24mm F14 Macro Probe which I intend to use it for Macro videography.  Now testing the macro probe and I am getting all excited over the concept of my shots and videos.  It is such wonderful production of such gear that make macro fun again.  I must say I am a bit clumsy first day using it, and I think I will definitely need a tripod and some other lighting gear.