Birds of Thailand - danielwee

Thailand Birding

Thailand is one of our favorite country when it comes to birding. We went there many times to photo-shoot the beautiful birds. It is also the place where we picked up many skills in shooting birds. We followed Guide A and then Guide K, who are famous bird guides, from places to places after arriving at Bangkok.  We went to KKC a mountain range south of Bangkok and then to Doi Inthanon at Chiang Mai.  We went further north towards Myanmar border to Doi Lang and Doi Ang Kang and at certain times crossing over to Myanmar with our big guns.  At some point we were wondering whether the Myanmar soldiers will mistaken us for carrying cannons and shoot us down.  We went once to Khao Yai slightly north of Bangkok.  The most notorious was once that we travelled many many hours down to Si Phang Nga near Phuket, gosh from Bangkok to Phuket, that was a long journey. But generally, the birding trips to Thailand have been enjoyable and fruitful.