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Taiwan Birding

My first experience of birding in Taiwan was rewarded unbelievably with many beautiful moments. The excitement of birds in flights and birds among the Cherry Blossom are beyond words. But there is something beyond birding that I observed while in Taiwan. Taiwan is exceptionally clean and green and you do not find rubbish in the streets and the people of Taiwan upkeep their cities and environment in tip-top condition. The people themselves uphold cleanliness and not the cleaners. This triggers my thoughts over the deteriorating state of cleanliness in Singapore which we should watch. It is time to start with myself and my immediate surrounding. This birding trip started off at Taipei and then we headed to Snow Mountain 雪山, Taichung coastal area Longjing 龍井區 , Jade Mountain 玉山, Alishan 阿里山國家風景區 and finally at ChiaYi 嘉義. Hope you enjoy the beautiful birds as much as I have photographed them. Thanks to my Bird Guide for this wonderful moment during the entire trip 戴揚!!!

2014 Bird List 1

)小翠 (Common Kingfisher - Male)

2)山紅頭 (Rufous-capped Babbler)

3)紅頭山雀 (Black-throated Tit)

4)小彎嘴 (Taiwan Scimitar-Babbler)

5)綠繡眼 (Japanese White-eye)

6)茶腹鳾 (Eurasian Nuthatch)

7)藍腹鷴 (Swinhoe's Pheasant - Male/Female)

8)黄胸薮眉 (Steere's Liocichla)

9)白斑紫嘯鶇 (Blue Whistling-Thrush)

10)蜂鷹 (oriental honey buzzard)

11)白頰噪眉 (White-browed Laughingthrush)

12)褐頭花翼 (Taiwan Fulvetta)

13)藍尾鴝 (Red-flanked Bluetail-female)

14)灰樹鵲(樹鵲) (Grey Treepie)

15)黑枕藍鶲 (Black-naped Monarch)

16)栗背林鴝 (Collared Bush-Robin -male)

17)台灣紫嘯鶇 (Formosan Whistling-Thrush)

18)青背山雀 (Green-backed Tit)

19)白環鸚嘴鵯 (Collared Finchbill)

20)白耳畫眉 (White-eared Sibia)

21)紋翼畫眉 (Taiwan Barwing)

22)埃及聖䴉 (African Sacred Ibis)

23)高蹺鴴 (Black-winged Stilt)

24)緋秧雞 (Ruddy-breasted Crake)

25)紅冠水雞 (Common Moorhen)

26)白腹鶇 (Pale Thrush)

27)紅尾伯勞 (Brown Shrike)

28) Scaly-breasted Munia

29)烏秋 (Black Drongo)

30)黃腹琉璃. (Rufous-bellied Blue Flycatcher)

31)黃尾鴝 (Daurian Redstart - Male/Female)

32)白頭翁 (Light-vented Bulbul)

33)冠羽畫眉 (Taiwan Yuhina)

34)灰腳秧雞 (Slaty-legged Crake)

2015 Bird List

1. Common Kingfisher 小翠

2. Taiwan Blue-Magpie 台灣藍鵲

3. Oriental Honey-buzzard 東方蜂鷹

4. Taiwan Rosefinch (Female/Male) 酒红朱雀

5. Swinhoe's Pheasant 藍腹鷴

6. Mikado Pheasant 黑長尾雉

7. Eurasian Wren 鷦鷯

8. Coal Tit 煤山雀

9. Collared Bush-Robin 栗背林鴝

10. Black-naped Monarch 枕藍鶲

11. White-tailed Robin (Female/Male) 白尾鴝

12. White-browed Laughingthrush 白頰噪眉

13. Black-throated Tit 紅頭山雀

14. Formosan yellow tit 黃山雀

15. White-browed Bush-Robin 白眉林鴝

16. Taiwan Bush-Warbler 台灣叢樹鶯

17. Black-crowned Night-Heron 夜鷺

18. Pale Thrush 白腹鶇

19. Vinous-throated Parrotbill 粉紅鸚嘴

20. Black Drongo 大卷尾

21. Pheasant-tailed Jacana 水雉

22. Red Collared-Dove 紅鳩

23. Crested Serpent-Eagle 大冠鷲

24. Himalayan Cuckoo 中杜鵑

25. Russet Sparrow (Female/Male) 山麻雀

26. Cattle Egret 黃頭鷺

27. Eurasian Moorhen 紅冠水雞

28. Black-winged Stilt 高蹺鴴

29. Pied Avocet 反嘴鴴

30. Northern Shoveler 琵嘴鴨

31. Herring Gull 銀鷗

32. Black-faced Spoonbill 黑面琵鷺

33. Little Egret 小白鷺

34. Intermediate Egret 中白鷺

35. Taiwan Scimitar-Babbler 小彎嘴

36. Black-necklaced Scimitar-Babbler 大彎嘴

37. Grey-cheeked Fulvetta 繡眼畫眉

38. White Wagtail 白鶺鴒

39. Light-vented Bulbul 白頭翁

40. Japanese White-eye 綠繡眼

41. Collared Finchbill 白環鸚嘴鵯

42. Plain Prinia 褐頭鷦鶯

43. Mountain Scops Owl 黃嘴角鴞

44. Collared Scops-Owl 領角鴞

45. Collared Owlet 鵂鶹

46. Rufous-faced Warbler 棕面鶯

47. Chinese Bamboo-Partridge 竹雞

48. Taiwan Yuhina 冠羽畫眉

49. Black bulbul 红嘴黑鹎

50. Cinereous tit 白頰山雀

51. Taiwan Barbet 五色鳥

52. Whiskered Tern 黑腹燕鷗

53. Black-collared Starling 黑领椋鸟

54. Rufous-capped Babbler 山紅頭

55. African Sacred Ibis 埃及聖䴉

56. Kentish Plover 東方環頸鴴

57. Siberian Crane 金山小白鶴

58. Red-crested cardinal 紅冠蠟嘴雀

59. Oriental Skylark 小雲雀

60. Steere's Liocichla 黃胸藪眉

61. Rufous-bellied Niltava 棕腹仙鶲

62. Gray Treepie 樹鵲